All New Enrollment Form Package

Please fill out forms under daycare you are enrolling for

All New Enrollment Form Package

Influenza to be filled out in September
Distracted adult to be filled out twice a year - April and September

Orientation Guide:

Jet’s Daycare Inc. and Ity Bity Learning Center

Orientation Guide and Supply List

We would like to welcome you and thank you for choosing us as your child/ren’s provider. There are a few steps for the enrollment process. To help make this new step in life, as easy as we can, we are providing you with a helpful reminder sheet of what is required.

  1. Enrollment packet
  2. Parent and Provider Handbook Receipt
  3. Immunization and physical exam
  4. Change of Clothing

Enrollment packet – please make sure the packet is completed and entire packet is brought back. If you have any questions or need help filling out, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

Parent and Provider Handbook Receipt - This form must be initialed and signed by at least one parent/guardian. The initials are for each section of the handbook, to let us know you have read and understand it.

Immunization and physical sheet – The immunization record must be on form 680 or 681 and not expired, there is an expiration date on form. If you do not have a current record, please let us know as we may be able to obtain this for you. The physical exam must be on form 3040 and not more than two years over the date of exam. If you do not have these forms your child/ren may still start, but you are required within 30 days to provide us with them. If you do not, the child/ren will have to be dis-enrolled until forms are on file.

Change of Clothing – We use art supplies, water tables, and help potty train and feed the children while in care. Sometimes little ones have accidents. Please include: shirt, pants/shorts, socks and underwear. Dirty clothing will be sent home in a bag (we do not rinse out soiled clothing) and a new change of clothes will need to be brought back the next day. Please send extra clothing if potty training. Also remember to check clothing that is left here, from time to time, to ensure proper size and proper clothes for season.


Diapers or pull-ups – 1 full pack
Wipes – 1 pack (need hard container, then you may bring refill packs)
*Please make sure proper clothes for inside and outside play are worn every day.*

Thank you Jet’s Daycare Inc. and Ity Bity Learning Center